Thursday, April 27, 2006

Maybe I noticed this one word because I don't really speak their language anymore

Just for auld lang syne I went to "World Socialist Web Site," a place I used to go all the fricking time when I was young and irresponsible and talked juvenile smack as if I were president of a one-member Khmer Rouge chapter.

Reading along, okay, a little shrill but still inside the pale. Then this caught me (subtly at first, then with growing creepiness). Emphasis added:

"Maliki was an ally of Jaafari and is reputed to be a religious extremist, who zealously implemented the "de-Baathification" program that saw large numbers of Iraqi professionals expelled from their posts for serving under the old regime."

Well. Since we're evaluating intensity ("extremist,") what's with that vague, all-encompassing "professionals?"
Granted, I'm sure plenty of innocent folk got swept out by the de-Bath broom. Teachers. Agronomists. Customs inspectors.

Still, that the thing that wrote this could frame the issue like this without thinking about all the less ... savory people caught up under that term "professional." I guess anyone is a pro in a way.

Either he doesn't understand what the BP was, or he doesn't care. Niether is acceptable. Boom, bam, now more than ever I'm done with this shit and I ain't never coming back. Anyone who at this date thinks "world socialism" is going to solve all of this is either braindead or a nazi, as far as I can see. The movement's done gone rancid and the idealism's too stoned.


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