Friday, April 22, 2005

It's that time again

Yes. The urge to post, or rather the nagging sense that I really should either write SOMETHING new, or else scrap the whole site, has come upon me.

Republicans suck.
Democrats suck.
Everyone sucks but me wife and me and I'm not so sure about me.

Thoughts on what's been going down:

(1) No, the Pope is not a Nazi.
(1) (a) Yes, he looks like Nosferatu. But with kindly grandpa eyes.

(2) John Bolton is probably not a nice guy. This probably isn't reason enough to Bork him.
(2) (a) The mustache might be.

(3) Depending on whom you ask, Iraq is either poised on the brink of total collapse, or a nice place for a holiday. Not being there, I don't know. Two completely distinct pictures of what's going on are available. I'd normally say the truth must be somewhere in between but that doesn't really seem possible in this case. Rather, the truth is probably at right angles to both scenarii.

(4) I know the Hitchikers' movie will suck, and yet I'm going to stand in line, possibly in a Marvin costume, to get tickets. If there is a line. Which there won't be.

The End, By Me.