Friday, March 04, 2005

They say "blog what you know," so ...

Or if they don't say that, they should.

Seeing how often the up-and-coming strivers in the 'sphere, not to mention the Big Blawg Dawgs at the top of the heap, update their sites, I get chest-constricty-type panics. We had a good thing going on Thinkateria for a while back there 'round election-time, but

(a) there were like six of us
(b) nothing that exciting (please god) will come along for another four years.

This is why I don't blog: if one wants to truly Run with the Pack, hourly postings are recommended, thrice-daily is pushing it, and only the truly brilliant can get by on one or less posts per diem.

Not that I do anything with my time anyway. But my stack of libra legenda rises taller than my wife standing on my shoulders.


Here follows my attempt to blog what I know.

I live in Berkeley. The university, like all good a/o large ones, has a student-run daily paper. Today there was an interesting juxtaposition of headlines.

In the upper left corner:
Students Rally for Diversity
("They say Jim Crow, we say Hell No!")

Upper right:
Senators Say Appointee Hid Conservative Affiliations
(basically, she produced content for the campus conservative journal, and neglected to mention this. the others are, of course, horrified to discover a rightie in their midst).

Diversity is a many-splendored thing. I'd like heaping helpings of both racial and political diversity, which is why I probably won't ever get a job in administration.

This reminds me of a car Macrina and I noticed just down the block, while hot-footing it to the train to catch the plane to take us to Seattle for Thanksgiving.

It had only two bumper stickers, which is fairly restrained for this town.

Left side:

Right side:

does not compute ...

Anyway, that's what I know.


Blogger Bookworm said...

How does someone on the right survive in Berkeley? Even 20+ years ago, when I graduated from Bezerk (and the last time I set foot there), it was difficult to espouse anything that wasn't at least minimally to the left of center.

5:47 PM  
Blogger Knemon said...

You bite your tongue a lot.

Today, for instance, I was checking out books at Doe library. I saw the checker-outer was reading "From Beirut to Jerusalem," and I said, "oh, that's a great book!"

"Yeah, but he's become a real crazy right-winger lately."



"Is that right?"

Just act like the objective ideal of a reporter. Ask them questions about what they think. NEVER offer your own opinions before making sure it's safe. Always be paranoid.

Don't get drunk with people you don't trust.

That's about it ...

6:04 PM  

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