Friday, March 04, 2005

Mona Lisa, men have named you

So Madame Secretary was on Lehrer tonight.

Her trademark scowl was nowhere to be soon. She was positively perky. Kind of scary to see a woman my mother's age with such a sparkle in her eye.

Lehrer didn't ask the $64 billion question. As a fuddy-duddy (though a loveable one), he's probably old-fashioned enough to find it way too early for such discussions. But enquiring minds wanna know.


When Mark Shields is going off on a mini-rant, David Brooks gets the funniest expression on his face - eyebrows peaked, half-smile with tongue slightly protruding.
A much sincerer version of Buckley's wonderful fake-polite-interest raised-eyebrow look.

If Shields were to retire, who could replace him? He sings from the old-school (not to be confused with "classical) liberal playbook so tunefully ... who under 50 can pull that off?
Not to hymn him overmuch, but Shields makes liberalism seem warm, human, appealing. All traits that got thrown overboard somewhere along the way.



Blogger Superstar Footprints said...

wish I could see that Brooks expression. [drawn, condescending tone, noogies applied to your head] She's gonna run...

9:13 AM  

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