Thursday, February 17, 2005

1992 BBS Mentality, 21st Century Technology

This is officially the lamest, most gawd-awful compelling can't look away 82-car pileup of a left-right blogswarm bitchslap throwdown.

C'mon, people now ... smile on your brother!


for Secretary General.

Well met would he be, with Bush and Blair. Talk about yer third way.

How embarassing

It's been so long that I forgot my password. Which is just about the biggest screw-up imaginable in today's modern lifestyle.

Been building (in the conceptual stage) my early nineties time capsule to store away for the edification of potential progeny.

The Simpsons - but just seasons four through seven. Maybe three and eight also - but only like Apocrypha, as an appendix.

Kids in the Hall - all five seasons.

Get a Life didn't hold up as well over time as I was hoping. Darnit.

Will everything henceforward be retained? As the cost of storing and reduplicating approaches zero, will every krep show be filed away somewhere for recall at one's whim thirty years later?

* * *

Berkeley is gloomy tonight. Rained all week so far.